About Us

Samuel De La Rosa began his trucking career in 1993 as a truck driver for Richie Paving (now known as Lafarge). It was not until 1995 the Samuel bought his first truck which his brother began driving. Soon after, Samuel bought a second truck for himself to drive. The two brothers went to work with Apac as owner operators. In 1997, Samuel bought his third truck which another brother drove. Samuel’s brothers broke away and began their own trucking companies. Matilde, Samuel’s wife, left her night job to work full time as her husband’s business manager. Samuel named his company SD Trucking.

As the years passed by, Samuel and Matilde began to build their reputation on reliable and timely hauling. His customer list also grew throughout the years. Now Samuel works with many different construction companies throughout Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Colorado.

In 2006, the company became a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and had to change the name to SD & S Trucking LLC. That same year Samuel added ten (10) dry vans to his fleet. This is when the company started to do Over the Road (OTR) transportation.

In 2007, SD & S Trucking LLC won the Kansas Minority-Owned Business of the Year 2007 Award for the Construction Firm. Now in 2011 SD & S Trucking LLC has grown to 34 trucks, 25 end-dumps, and 19 dry vans.